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The institution started business in the ‘50s in the province of La Spezia and was acquired by the present owner in 1958. It has always focused on innovation to provide customers with a more efficient service: it began to use vehicles during the ‘60s for night patrols, radios were introduced for communication between patrol units throughout the area and an Operating Centre was set up.

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1From traditional security services to more modern ones, such as the sophisticated surveillance and emergency alarm, quality and efficiency are guaranteed with success.


2All services are coordinated by the Central Office, cutting-edge technologies and employment opportunities, active 24/365.


3 The Alarm-triggered emergency response services, for which we have provided in our Quality Guidelines, we reach a response time of 8 minutes, guaranteed by technological certification

Alarm-triggered emergency response
This is a service for homes, shops, businesses and institutions, which guarantees complete security: it protects you when you are away, as well as when you are at the alarmed premises, both day and night.
Video surveillance
The video surveillance service allows Operating Centre to continuously monitor any environment installed with a specific system connected to the Centre itself, ensuring the immediate dispatch of security guards on site upon detection of irregularities.
Alarm System
 Regarding the installation of alarm systems, we work with Sicurproject, a market leader which installs systems using IMQ certified materials of the highest quality.

Our experience at your service

1.393.590kmtravelled in 2017

60years of experience

50active radio patrols

6.47minemergency service
We provide security services for enterprises, businesses, local institutions and private homes for over 50 years.

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